With a few simple steps, we will index your content, making sure that it is going to be monetized and protected, and with the implementation of DDEX, your metadata will be delivered with the best quality. The digital distribution of music works as follows:

  1. REQUIRED FILES: The only necessary files are the audio in properly mastered .wav format and the cover art in .jpg or .png format with measures of 4000 X 4000 pixels.
  2. METADATA: The metadata corresponds to all the information about the song. This includes the name of the composers, writers and producers. The genre of the song, release date, performers, etc.
  3. UPLOAD THE CONTENT: When you already have all the files and necessary metadata. Log into our CMS and fill out the “NEW AUDIO RELEASE” application and upload the files to our server.
  4. SERVERS PROCESS DATA: Our servers convert your information into DDEX digital supply chain standards so that it complies with all the regulations of our partners and their data systems.
  5. IT IS DELIVERED TO THE STORES: Once all the information is processed. The server will automatically send your new release to every major DSP and digital store around the world.
  6. YOUR MUSIC IS LIVE WORLDWIDE: On the date that you have scheduled the premiere. Your release will be available on major digital platforms. From the United States of America to China, from Norway to South Africa, or from Brazil to Japan. It will be live worldwide.