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Recent Releases We’ve Completed For Our Clients On Vevo

Maena – Nada En Particular (Official Video)2018-08-27T10:49:48+00:00
Yeni Cruz La Negra, Damian The Lion – A Tus Pies2018-07-19T15:28:10+00:00
El Gordo Record – Quiero Con Vos2018-06-21T14:35:28+00:00
Cedric – Cama Vacía (Official Video)2018-04-30T08:09:22+00:00
Andrew Malandre – De Lao A Lao (Official Video)2018-02-13T13:26:13+00:00
Alvarez – La Montamos (Official Video)2018-02-13T13:24:08+00:00
Argüello – Daydream (Official Video) ft. Faheem, Blair2017-07-30T00:41:26+00:00

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El Gordo Record – Quiero Con Vos2018-08-27T11:47:15+00:00
Naza Belay – Hoy Te Soñe2018-08-18T15:29:17+00:00
Andrew Malandre – Muévelo – Single2018-05-28T00:20:42+00:00
Luismar – Muralla – Single2018-05-28T00:15:35+00:00
Julio Lozano – Vivir – Single2018-02-22T08:44:57+00:00
Julio Lozano – Verte Sonreír – Single2018-02-22T08:40:08+00:00
Tike Boy – Falta Tiempo – Single2018-02-13T17:01:01+00:00
Andrew Malandre – De Lo Mio – EP2018-02-13T15:51:40+00:00
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