Create your channel vevo, without extra payments, nor annual fees. You can keep 100% of your advertising revenue and you get your personal channel YourNameVEVO.



As a certified Vevo content partner, Castro Music will publish your music videos fast and easy.

  • Quality control of your video.
  • You get the ISRC codes for your videos.
  • We create your Vevo channel YourNameVEVO and your profile on
  • You retain 100% of your rights and income.
  • Your Vevo channel will be available in a week.

How to create my Vevo channel?
To create your official Vevo channel you must register in Castro Music and create your user account. Once you are in your user portal you will find the section in the main menu that will indicate the information that you have to contribute. You make the payment and the team of Castro Music takes care of the channel.
How much does it cost to create my Vevo channel?
In Castro Music create your channel Vevo has a cost of $ 29 USD. This payment includes the ISRC codes for all your videos. Castro Music does not charge you annual fees, or extra payments and you can keep 100% of your income and rights.
How long does it take for my Vevo channel to be published?
In Castro Music we recommend giving a margin of 15 days to be able to make a correct configuration of your channel, but we can have it configured in 7 days.

Create your Vevo channel with Castro Music:

When you create your official Vevo channel, you become part of a select club and the main multichannel network on YouTube, this will mean more income for you. For more information email