Will I get my own Vevo login?2018-01-13T15:19:18+00:00

Castro Music Ltd works directly with the Vevo team to make any and all changes to your account. No login to the Vevo platform is available. In order to request an edit, please submit a support ticket here.

Do I need to be signed with a label to get on Vevo?2018-01-13T15:12:35+00:00

No, Castro Music Ltd has a distribution partnership with Vevo and our service allows any artist to submit an application to be reviewed for acceptance to get their own Vevo channel.

How do I get my video on Vevo?2018-01-13T15:09:38+00:00

You can create a release and select the option to publish on Vevo. Your video will be reviewed to meet Vevo requirements, which include certain metrics such as social media following, video performance, the authenticity of engagement, and quality of content. If your video is accepted, you will have the option to have a custom Vevo channel created for a $29 USD fee or you can choose to be added to the shared CastroMusicVEVO channel at no charge.

When will I find out if my content submission is accepted?2018-01-13T14:54:01+00:00

Your release details will be updated on your dashboard soon as we receive feedback from any networks.

If I monetize my content through Castro Music Ltd, how and when will I receive my money?2018-01-13T14:51:42+00:00

Once we receive earnings statements from our partner platforms, we will ingest them into our system. Partner platforms have various schedules for statements and payouts. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months (depending on the revenue source) before earned revenue is made available to you.

When I Submit my content to Castro Music, do I maintain ownership of my copyrights?2018-01-13T14:43:21+00:00

Yes, though you will grant Castro Music Ltd a license to monetize/protect your content, you will retain 100% ownership of your copyrights.