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Vevo is the world’s leading platform for premium music and entertainment videos with more than 10 billion monthly views worldwide. Vevo offers a catalog of 140,000 HD videos, exclusive original content and live concerts around the world to enjoy music. The audience can enjoy Vevo whenever they want via, mobile web and mobile apps / tablets and TVs, or via Vevo TV, the 24-hour channel of music created by expert programmers. In addition, this great catalog is also available in many webs giving the option to fans to see their favorite content anywhere, anytime. Vevo’s broad reach has attracted more than 1,100 brands from around the world since it was launched in 2009.

How do I create my Vevo channel?
To create your channel you must register in Castro Music and create your user account. Once you are in your user portal you will find the section that will indicate the information that you must contribute. You make the payment of 29 Dollars and request the publication of your first video.
How much does the Vevo channel cost?
At Castro Music your Vevo channel costs $29 USD and includes ISRC codes and unlimited video posting. Castro Music does not charge you annual fees, nor extra payments.
Will I have my own channel My ArtistNameVEVO?
The answer is yes. If you want to process your channel with Castro Music, you will get your own channel that will be your artist profile on the only requirement as to the name is that it can not have more than 20 characters (letters and numbers) including the 4 of ” Vevo “. In short your name in vevo can not be more than 16 characters. Remember that once the channel is requested you can not change the name.
How long does it take to create my channel on
The answer is one to two weeks. The creation of your new vevo channel is done on the Tuesday of the week following your request, as long as you do it between Monday and Wednesday during office hours. The other configurations like banners or profile photos depend on the waiting list has at the moment as this is done by your employees one by one. Usually 5 days.
Will I have a password for my profile on
The answer is not. Only registered members of can access your profile. Aggregating companies like Castro Music are only a content filter and bridge between artists and so they do not have access either. You can send the information you want whenever you want “as links or social networks” and we ask vevo to manage it, but it is in the hands of vevo’s employees to carry out the request. It is the employees of who are the only ones in charge of managing your vevo channel.
Does the Vevo channel work just like a standard Youtube channel?
The answer is not. Vevo is more like a Streaming platform than YouTube. Although you can play Vevo content on your videos are stored on Vevo servers. So Vevo is like a Spotify but videos rather than audio. The service is a complement to
Can any musical artist have their own Vevo channel?
The answer is yes. Any artist can have their own channel in Vevo, as long as it complies with the quality policies that Vevo stipulates for its content.
Can I cancel my Vevo channel request?
It can not. Once we have requested your channel and artist profile to we can not cancel that request, therefore we can not refund the money paid for the service.
What requirements must my videos fulfill to be published in Vevo?
Your videos must meet the following requirements: They can not contain advertising. They can not contain logos. They can not contain social networks. Can not contain Credits. They can not have intro or outro. Must be in Full HD 1920 x 1080. Must be in formats .mov or .mp4

Create your vevo channel for $29 USD, with no extra fees or annual fees. Keep 100% of your advertising revenue and you get your personal channel YourArtistNameVEVO. It includes the unlimited publication of your videos and ISRC codes completely free and unlimited.



  • We create your channel YourArtistNameVEVO.
  • ISRC codes are free and unlimited for your videos.
  • You retain all copyrights.
  • You retain 100% of your advertising revenue.
  • We create your channel in a maximum period of 2 weeks.
  • You can configure the channel banner and social links.

Vevo is compatible with Youtube Content ID. If you have it selected with other distributor company, that company will be responsible for monetizing your videos and collecting your royalties from Vevo via content id.


Create your free account on our website and you can start using our services. For more information write to us at