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Vevo is the world’s leading platform for premium music and entertainment videos with more than 10 billion monthly views worldwide. Vevo offers a catalog of 140,000 HD videos, exclusive original content and live concerts around the world to enjoy music. The audience can enjoy Vevo whenever they want via, mobile web and mobile apps / tablets and TVs, or via Vevo TV, the 24-hour channel of music created by expert programmers. In addition, this great catalog is also available in many webs giving the option to fans to see their favorite content anywhere, anytime. Vevo’s broad reach has attracted more than 1,100 brands from around the world since it was launched in 2009.

Create your vevo channel for $29 USD, with no extra fees or annual fees. Keep 100% of your advertising revenue and you get your personal channel YourArtistNameVEVO. It includes the unlimited publication of your videos and ISRC codes completely free and unlimited.

How do I create my Vevo channel?

How much does the Vevo channel cost?

Will I have my own channel My ArtistNameVEVO?

How long does it take to create my channel on

Will I have a password for my profile on

Does the Vevo channel work just like a standard Youtube channel?

Can any musical artist have their own Vevo channel?

Can I cancel my Vevo channel request?

What requirements must my videos fulfill to be published in Vevo?
Get your vevo channel
  • We create your channel YourArtistNameVEVO.
  • Includes unlimited posting of your videos on Vevo.
  • ISRC codes are free and unlimited for your videos.
  • You retain all copyrights.
  • You retain 100% of your advertising revenue.
  • We create your channel in a maximum period of 3 weeks.
  • You can configure the channel banner and the links.
  • Your videos can be published the same day.
  • Vevo is compatible with Youtube Content ID. If you have it selected with your distributor, that company will be responsible for monetizing your videos and collecting your royalties to Vevo.

Steps to create your Vevo channel:
1- Create user account  2- Go to CREATE VEVO CHANNEL  3- Complete form and payment.